$CREAM IronBank 被黑了13000ETH,约$37.5M, 在 ,在 Alpha V2挖的也要小心些,ETH可以把ibEthv2通过首页兑换成Alpha然后再卖成ETH,其他LP也先撤退吧,避免误伤,毕竟 Alpha V2的很大部分杠杆来源IronBank

下面是推上 Igor Igamberdiev @FrankResearcher 对这次事故的分析, 还是挺详细的. https://twitter.com/FrankResearcher/status/1360513422689984512

1) Attacker used Alpha Homora for borrowing sUSD from IronBank. 
Each time they borrow twice as much as in the previous one.
2) They do this through two transactions and each time they lend
   the funds back into IronBank, receiving cySUSD.
3) At some point exploiter took $1.8M USDC flash loan from Aave v2 
   and swapped USDC to sUSD using Curve.

Cream finance exploited

4) They lend these sUSD to IronBank, which allows them to continue
    borrowing and lending them, receiving cySUSD.
5) Of course, some sUSD are spent on repayment of the flash loan.
6) Also, a 10M USD flash loan is taken, which is also used to increase
    the number of cySUSD.
7) In the end, the number of their cySUSD reaches an incredible amount, 
   which allows them to borrow anything from IronBank.

Cream finance exploited

8) Then they borrow:
- 13.2k WETH
- 3.6M USDC
- 5.6M USDT
- 4.2M DAI

Cream finance exploited

9) Stablecoins have been deposited to Aave v2, 
1k ETH to IronBank deployer, 
1k ETH to Homora deployer, 
220 ETH to Tornado, 
100 ETH granted to Tornado 
and almost 11k ETH remain on the exploiter balance.

https://etherscan.io/address/0x905315602ed9a854e325f692ff82f58799beab57 Cream finance exploited